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'Legends are people or stories that are larger than life'


Philosophy and Approach of Calgary Portrait Photographer


Legendary Photoworks is a location-based photography studio in Calgary, Alberta

'Legends' are people or stories that are larger than life. They are stories told for generations. Some legends are timeless, and others change through time. We believe in legendary things, legendary moments, and legendary people in this world. We freeze your once in a lifetime moment in time, and tell your story- forever. 


Danielle- The Stylist and Organizing Genius

Danielle Di Marco Creative DirectorI am the organizer, the arranger, the director and overall keeper of loose ends for your shoot. My background in management and finance requires meticulous organization and attention to detail, and I bring that to your shoot, leaving no stone unturned, and no story untold. 

I come to you from Sherwood Park, Alberta- a place that helped shape me, and that I recall fondly, but proudly call Calgary home now.  

Jack Vanstone Photo Headshot

Jack Vanstone Photographer: My background is in aviation, landscape architecture, management and photography- a strange mix, that has led me here. My experience places me front and centre to capture your moments, or has me slipping into the background to capture the moments quietly and candidly. It depends on your story, and how it needs to be told. Coming to Alberta in 2000, from a place just south of Owen Sound, Ontario and via a stop in Guelph, I call Calgary my home.

Together, we work with you to create moments, and capture them. When needed, we have a purpose built team of stylists, stagers, videographers and other production specialists to make your shoot and images, Legendary.

Our Approach

We are parents, lovers, rodeo fans, and sports enthusiasts that survive on lists, caffeine, late night snacks and making amazing memories for our customers and friends. Your event, family, and wedding photography are important to you, and because of that, extremely important to us.  We have built our specialization in not specializing… Let me explain... That means that everything that we photograph is looked at with fresh eyes, and you get the best pieces of each photography specialization applied to your Legendary moments. We avoid the traps of classic posed works, and take a photojournalistic approach to your photography. 

Our work with families teaches us patience, and preparedness to always be ready in capturing the moments that happen, and the moments in between...

Our sports work brings an ability to work in extreme conditions of lighting and constantly predicting where the next moment will happen...

Our corporate and portrait photography polishes our on location skills, and making the very best of any location that we are photographing...

We bring this all to every photography session that we take to document your important moments and all the of the candid and unplanned moments in between. I'd love to chat with you, and come up with a plan for your photography needs.